aLL mY sUPPORT (ams) will help you to handle requests from users of your homepage. There are lots of features such as:

- get messages from a pop3 account and store them in a database
- users can add messages directly via form
- every message has its unique ticket id
- corresponding ticket id is retrieved automatically and can be added manually
- you can answer requests, simply store them with a comment, forward them to other users with a comment or set them as junk
- research in old messages
- statistics per user/type of messages user/rating
- personal header and footer for every user
- standard replies for all users
- generate a public FAQ for visitors where you can modify the messages and select which one should be displayed
- original messages are always kept in a textfile

This script is being offered as freeware.
The script may be used and modified free of charge for everyone under the following conditions:
All copyright notices, links and headers remain intact.
Selling the code for this program, or a program derived from it, without prior written consent is expressly forbidden. Similarly, redistributing this program, or a program derived from it, over the Internet, CD-Rom or any other medium is expressly forbidden without prior written consent. By using this program you agree to indemnify me from any liability.

Please do not take credit for the script as I will not take credit for the following modules which where downloaded from CPAN:

You may download the updated modules from CPAN but I can neither guarantee that the script will work nor be improved.

ams requires the following:

* A working copy of Perl 5
* A basic understanding of both Perl and CGI.
* An installed CGI module and DBI module
* A mySQL Database
* A server which provides .htaccess and .htpasswd used to protect directories
* A POP3-Account for your incoming mail

Download file

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